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July 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

After watching ‘Glamour’s Golden Age’ on BBC4 last night, we felt we should post about London’s first ‘Bright Young Things’.

In the 1920’s a group of privileged young men and women changed the way following generations looked at style, boundaries and sexuality. They were the first tabloid stars and had such a modern aesthetic, that they could be living in East London now.

Steven Tennant

This could be a picture from the 1980’s as much the 20’s, gold sprinkles in his hair and the Bowie-eque pose.

This is a picture of Tennant’s compatriots who were tastemakers of their time. They could be in London Fields any day of the summer.

Their fancy dress parties became legendary happenings that gave everyone license to morph their age, gender and appearance.

Inspiration for Gaga?

The BBC documentary, linked below, proves that the fame-seeking tabloid scene is nothing new, neither is drug-taking, gender ambiguity, or eccentric glittery style. It’s all been done before. DON’T let that stop you though.

Every generation needs their ‘bright young people’.

You will have to try very hard to be original now though.

Meat dress?… thanks


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