Interior – Essex – 500 Year Old Barn/Gallery/Home

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We don’t usually talk ‘TV’, however last night’s Grand Designs featured a project we couldn’t ignore. Take a look around Freddie and Ben’s 500 year old barn, now transformed into a cavernous home with idiosyncratic interiors…

The building has maintained much of its charm, with agricultural roofing and blackened timber cladding.

Ben and Freddie’s huge collection of artifacts has provided a useful way of zoning the huge, open living space.

Features such as this shelving, created from old wooden pallets, reflect the building’s past, and are perfectly in keeping with its sympathetic rebirth.

These silos, now reinstated and rebuilt, house bathrooms and a spiral staircase.

With this concrete worktop and recycled wooden units, the kitchen appears to have risen from the floors of the barn.

The library is flooded with light thanks to a glazed wall and those remarkable skylights, which remain completely invisible from the outside while simultaneously bouncing natural light around the interior of the barn.

Artists Freddie Robins and Ben Coode-Adams converted this Grade II-listed timber-framed barn in Essex into a live/work space for themselves and their daughter.

The whole design is based around creating a massive free-form contemporary space with very few walls, to display their ever expanding collection of toys and ephemera.

But at seven times the size of an average three-bedroom house, turning this 500-year-old building into any kind of home is a challenge.

We loved this episode.




Interior – Food – Biscuiteers

May 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

Chief Biscuiteers Stevie Congdon and Harriet Hastings (also co-directors of leading London catering company Lettice) conceived this fantastical idea of the biscuit becoming one of life’s most unique, creative and scrummy gifts around.

All Biscuiteers’ biscuits are handmade. Baked using the best well-sourced ingredients in their own kitchens, each range is lovingly designed and iced by hand.

The tins have been sourced for their traditional style and ‘life after biscuit’ potential. Each collection is individually illustrated to make collecting the tins more fun.

As well as the collections on their site, Biscuiteers take bespoke orders for weddings, brand launches and parties.

Look out for their spiced, vanilla and ginger bakes in our special seasonal Biscuiteers tins.

Tickled your taste buds? Take a peek…

Interior – Inspiration – Merchandising

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The Inspiration: Mannequin Army

Prada’s influence on the British high street this year has been quite phenomenal. In terms of Visual Merchandising the Prada effect is influencing some of the biggest high street brands with ‘the ‘mannequin army’.This week alone we saw; H&M, Topshop and Next all employing this technique in their store entrances. Has anyone seen this technique being used anywhere else? I think at least 6 mannequins seems to be the key although even more = even more impact.  So here we leave you with a little ‘Prada’ inspiration from the New York and LA stores.

Pop Up Shop – London – Anya Hindmarch Bespoke

April 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

Location: Selfridges, London

Date: April 2011 – Open for 6 Weeks

A personalised leather envelope and card holder from Belgian label Delvaux and a grey leather Dunhill evelope with my initials are the sort of things that make me mighty happy these days.  It’s the sort of happiness that is slightly frightening as I know that I’m approaching that age when sturdy, well-made things (that also depressingly come with a haughty price tag) are becoming more and more appealing.  Who knew that day would come when ten years ago, I mocked my mother’s leather bags and thought my faux fur backpack was the best thing EVA..

This is old news for those of you that are very grown-up and swan around Knightsbridge dropping wads of cash here and there, so please ignore if you’ve seen this all before. Said Knightsbridge regulars better not laugh at me either because today was my first discovery of Anya Hindmarch Bespoke line as they have popped up at Selfridges for six weeks with a shop that looks more like a permanent space than a temporary pop-off venture. With my complete non-plussed-ness over bags, all things Hindmarch probably floats over my head so even though Anya Hindmarch opened up her Bespoke store on Pont Street in London two years ago, it’s not a place I’ve ventured before (this video is a GREAT overview/intro). Good on Selfridges Oxford Street for planting a compact Anya Hindmarch Bespoke space at the department store for six weeks, so that yobs like me get to gawp at all the customised, engraved and personalised leather goodies that I have a penchant for copping a feel and getting a whiff of. In the vaguely Victorian, vaguely English, distinctly old-looking set-up are a slew of little delightful surprises that unfold, reveal themselves and are pleasingly discreet… At Bespoke, if you can doodle, write and draw your message/inscription clearly enough, anything goes basically… Oh and not to be stereotypical to think all mothers mend clothes but honestly this sewing kit box needs to be given to some mothers out there this Sunday. At the very least it will get you a “Awwww! That’s so SWEET that you THOUGHT that I would sew your buttons back on for you… Now bugger off and get me my proper pressie…”

Pop Up Shop – Paris – Colette & Chanel

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Location: 336-340 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris

Date: March 1st 2011 – March 10th 2011

From March 1st to 10th, two legendary addresses in the world of Fashion – CHANEL 31 rue Cambon and COLETTE 213 rue Saint-Honoré – will be blending their creative talent to open an ephemeral boutique at 336-340 rue Saint-Honoré. Stretching over 200 m², the boutique is set in the industrial surroundings of a former garage turned into a giant living display space.

The pop-up ‘love-in’ between a French house like Chanel and Parisian boutique Colette might sound like a odd coupling but Colette’s creative director Sarah Lerfel can be relied upon for being pretty much spot on when it comes to gauging synergies and collaborations hence why there’s always SOMETHING interesting going down at Colette during fashion week, hence why in general, there’s always a horde of people gathered in and around the eponymous boutique.

The happenings at this particular ‘pop-up’ celebrate unusual pairings and atmospheres that have similar juxtapositions to the way the Chanel pieces are styled in-store fusing new and old. Handbag customization and harpsichord performances are all integral features at this beautifully mixed up store.

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