Trend – Viva LA Food Truck – Los Angeles USA

October 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Los Angeles, a city where many of the world’s food trends begin.

With the US economy in crisis LA’s “food truck” scene is growing. People who have lost jobs are finding new careers by serving street food from trucks with relatively small start up costs.

These new businesses work well in LA because generations of immigration have created a diverse food culture and it’s so close to one of the biggest farming regions in the United States.

Let’s take a look at some of the trucks that are taking LA by storm.


Project – Popstore – London to LA

September 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

So we thought we’d update you on the goings on at POP STORE HQ. We are still working on our little project with the wonderful Wildfox… As we mentioned a while back, we are currently designing and installing the Wildfox Atelier interior in Downtown LA.

Here’s Pop Store’s Sam on a mission with the lux material we hand picked for the bespoke furniture we sourced in LA LA land…

Hey Presto… The results so far are just lovely. Do you like? …

We will keep you updated on our progress. Our boys are out in LA as we speak sprinkling a bit of Pop Store love over all things Wildfox. 



Interior – Wildfox at Harrods – Sign by Pop Store

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So we thought we’d give you a sneak peak of our addition to the up-and-coming Wildfox section at Harrods, we designed this sign exclusively for the LA Vintage Knitwear brand.

Interior – LA – Voila!

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Our very good friends at Voila! LA, are so worth a gander…  an ever changing cabinet of curiosities. They explore, discover and exhibit treasures, mixing vintage oddities with antiques and contemporary art. What truly binds their collection is the love for the exceptional and the exquisite.

And as always… Enjoy!

Interior – Wildfox Atelier LA – By Pop Store Commercial

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With a sigh of  relief, we can finally reveal our little secret project. We have been commissioned to design and fit-out the Wildfox Studio in LA!

We thought we’d share with you our preview night, showcasing concepts and fixtures we have designed for the ‘Wildfox Atelier’ in Downtown LA. After 3 months of hard graft, our work on the Wildfox Studio project has finally started to blossom. With hand crafted furniture fit for a sumptuous French boudoir and modern twists in every corner, we can now visualize the destination of our design intentions. This is just a sneak peak of how things are coming together. We will keep you updated on our progress…

Pop Up Shop – Lauren Moshi – LA

July 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

July 28- October 15 | 144 S. Robertson Blvd. | 10am-7:30pm daily

For a short time only, Limited Edition Lauren Moshi artwork & clothing along with pieces from the brand’s new basics label, Michael Lauren will be up for grabs in Lauren’s new POP UP SHOP. The Lauren Moshi shop will feature current season styles and a few favorites from past collections, including Bow, Diamond Tongue, Happyface and Chain Skull designs. Remind you of another of our favorite brands?

We will get some pics of the up and coming Pop Up, in the mean time check out Lauren’s work in the film below…

Interior – Pop Store – Top Secret Project

July 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

We thought we would give you a sneak peek of a project we are working on with some familiar friends in LA. All very hush hush, but we will keep you updated. Here are some workings in progress for the interior of the secret location…

These unfinished pieces have taken inspiration from French furniture from Louis The 14th and 16th periods.  Turned wooden white washed posts hold the metal rail for clothing.

All of these pieces are based on French antiques, with a nod to the modern day. We will be using current print methods and fabrics to update these beautiful pieces.

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